How to come up with great blog names

Choosing a blog name is such an important piece in blog setup process.

There are many bloggers that don’t think it through and don’t define an image that they want to present.

But with it, you’ll forge your identity and build your brand.

Building a brand itself is like putting together a puzzle with many pieces that stick together and make it whole.

Now, as this is such important step, don’t rush it and take your time picking the best possible blog name on which you’ll eventually build everything else.

The name you choose will set the tone you’ll address your audience in, your niche, topics you discuss and the message you send.

Plus you’ll stick with the name for a long time, so pick one that will best cover these points.

It’s also a possibility that you’ll want to switch it later on for some personal reason.

Well, it can be done by re-branding, but it carries some risks with it. Sure, that can be done successfully, but it can also be messed up tremendously.

So my best advice is to get it right at the very beginning and stick with it.


How to actually pick a great blog name?

First, try to consider a couple things:

Your niche.

This is a big point based on which the blog name will be formed. Try not to choose a random name that is not relevant to your niche or more – is completely opposite of the one you’ve chosen.

You wouldn’t pick a name for a blog that had a relation to gardening but discussed fishing, would you?

The audience you’ll target

What will be the age range of your audience that you’ll target? Will the blog be tended more to elderly people, youth or various age ranges?

If you’ll have a serious audience and topics, a humorous name might not be the best choice and vice versa.

Also, you can consider the gender here. If for example, your blog will be about cosmetics and beauty products you’ll definitely choose something more appealing to the female audience.


This is a golden point as it can have a great impact on your overall success.

Why it’s so important?

Well, if the name is really catchy, on point and your content is also great you could have a better visitor retention.

I for one have multiple catchy names stuck in my head that I go back to, even after I discover some other resources where the information might be better then in first ones.

Of course, it will be hard to come up with a short name that’s not taken. But with some thinking and creativity, it’s possible to come up with something special.


Keep in mind all these things, and you’ll score a great blog name.

blog name choosing

The process of coming up with blog names themselves.

There are a lot of ways how to proceed and everyone has their own preferences.

But to help out, I’ve rounded up some brainstorming ideas to come up with a great blog name.

Check out your competitors.

This is a real simple one.

While you’ll not copy your competitors name it’s a good idea to check up what type of names are being used all around in your niche.

Maybe it will create a creative spark in your head and you’ll start to generate some ideas on your own.

Play with words.

This is another easy activity to do. First, pick some promising words that you’d want to use an then try to make some two-word connections.

Not everything will stick together so think of some synonyms, prefixes, suffixes etc.

Of course, many of those names will be taken but don’t drop them just yet. Try to find some similar words for them and change the order.

Use abbreviations.

While the super short names most likely will be taken, it’s still possible to come up with something short and nice.

You don’t even need to use a full abbreviation, e.g. you can start with one and end with a full name. For example, take a look at this site –

It looks good and makes it easy to guess what you’ll find there.

Get some ideas from name generators.

There is always the possibility to use some tools to generate ideas that might be usable or could be used for further inspiration.

While at it, you might actually get a good laugh once you start reading the suggestions some give out. I sure did as I tried some.

But nonetheless, it can be a source for additional inspiration.

Use your own name.

If everything else fails, this can come in handy.

It’s very simple, but by no means a bad choice. There are many bloggers who’ve made a name for themselves by using their own names when naming their blogs.

While it’s easy to go this way, consider this twice if you want to spread your word online this way.

Your blog may come up later with your employer etc.  So it’s a thing to consider.

Now that you’ve picked your perfect name you can start your own blog with it.


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