All you need to know to start a blog in 2018

So you want to start a blog or thinking about one? That’s great!

But you might be wondering how to actually get started. Well, you’re in luck my friend! You came to the right place to get your project going.

It has never been easier to create a blog. But from so many possibilities to choose from and various information I could see how the head of a beginner could start spinning. But fear not, it’s far simpler than you might think. In only few steps you could have your very own blog.

Yes it’s that easy to start a blog, but before you get too excited, I’d suggest you to first read up on a post – what it takes to be a blogger. After that you’ll know what it will take from you and what you’re signing up to.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to work to ensure your blogs success. There is no magic pill that will bring you recognition, fame and money. But by reading, learning and going forward you’ll get better. And once you’ll look back – all that hard work by the end of the day will be very worth it once you start to see results.

From here you’ll get all the needed info, guides, best practices, step by step tutorials and more. I’m sharing this information also with the intention to earn from it, so affiliate links can be found over the site. Clicking on them will not cost you anything, but it could bring me extra coin. So in the end it would be a helpful partnership – “help you, help me

The more credit you give away, the more will come back to you. The more you help others, the more they will want to help you.

If you’re just starting out and want to get things going please check out the section about blogging basics. It holds all the required things to start out a blog.

Why should you create a blog and join the blogging community?

You also might wonder why to actually start a blog. Well, here are some of of the reasons I rounded up:

  1. Blogs are a great way to spread information and news about a product or service or any other thing you might think of.
  2. It’s a great way to express yourself and tell the world about your topic you want share.
  3. The best part is that you can make money from it. How much? Well.. “The sky is the limit” – it’s how you’ll execute your idea and how you’ll work for it.

There are millions of blogs online, but don’t worry, there is always a way to make your blog stand out and get noticed by people. Think about content that you’ll provide to your visitors and keep their interest and your community will grow naturally.

Sure, it might be overwhelming knowing that out there are millions of blogs. But it’s not too late to join other bloggers. People do read and share blog posts. You’re right here doing just the thing. Plus there is always something to write about on what you can monetize.

What to do with your blog after you started it?

Once your blog is up and running and you’re adding new content, take a look at valuable resources and tools section that holds more advanced stuff. There you’ll find information on how to develop your blog further and profit from it.

But before you do that, remember that the success of it will depend from the content that you’ll offer to your readers. I cannot stress that enough how important it is. As it’s the sole reason why people visited it in the first place – to find out about your thing that you blog about. If the content there will be bad and not on point, then why should your visitors stay?

Content is the most important thing in your blog! Don’t ever forget that!

High-quality web content that’s useful, usable, and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online.


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