can you make money blogging?

can you make money blogging
Now, this is a question that I hear from time to time. There are quite a lot of new and potential bloggers that have doubts about it. Let us look into it to find the truth.

So, can you make money blogging?

And the quick and short answer is definitely yes! But nothing comes without efforts. You’ll need to work, and by working I mean lots and lots of work.

It’s the cold hard truth, but don’t be discouraged by that. There is always a way to make your blog to stand out from the crowd.

While there’s a way, you’ll need to treat your blog as your personal business. If you ran a company, would you let everything go its own way? Or would you actually steer it in a direction you want and would manage it to the smallest detail?

The answer to that should be obvious.

make money blogging

While speaking about work, check out my post where I discussed what it takes to be a blogger. After that, you’ll have a fair idea what’s ahead for you in your blogger career.

And now the million dollar question:

Ok, I understand that I’ll need to work. But what about the money? Can a blogger make some money or even make a living out of it?

As I said previously in my shortened version, then yes, it’s possible to make money from blogging or even make a living from it.

But there are some prerequisites that you should take into account.

For once:

Don’t make your sole reason for blogging to earn money.

If that’s the way you’ll approach it, you’ll soon lose the focus. And you’ll most probably abandon blogging for good if your expectations will not be met.

That way you could also fall into another ditch where you’re not helping your audience to solve a problem or share information. But instead, you’re just trying to sell something.

Don’t rush it, you’ll need to be patient and persistent to make it all the way up to the point of selling.

Now that we cleared it up the actual truth is that you can make money blogging.

There are thousands upon thousands of bloggers that do make money off their blogs. Some make very little, some can make a living or close to it, and then there are the big boys and girls that make six figures or more monthly.

Some very successful blogs, for example would be:

Tuts+ started by Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Claire, and Jun Rundelivering.
Field: eLearning platform
Main income: paid courses and ebooks
Monthly income: around $170.000

CopyBlogger that was started by Brian Clark.
Field: online marketing
Main income: sales of tools for digital marketers
Monthly income: around $1 million

Timothy Sykes blog
Field: stock market
Main income: advertising and method sales
Monthly income: around $1.2 million

Now you might be very excited at this point, but do remember that it was not an overnight success.

Bloggers that have attained that status have been into blogging many years and have built up their reputation as field leaders.

The good news is that you have multiple options on how to make money with your blog. Be it by ads, affiliate links, coaching, subscriptions and many other ways.

But remember this one golden advice!

Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket!

At first, you’ll probably choose an option that best suits your blog and you’re most comfortable with. But it’s best to diversify your income streams. That way you’ll be protected if one of those streams would case to exists at some point.

A very good example of it would be Amazon associates program. If you were to miss some point from their terms of service you could get banned from their program. And if that blog was a niche blog built around Amazon, all that hard work would be out of the window.

So, try to diversify the streams where your money comes from.

That’s the way the successful bloggers do it and you should too strive for it. In case one would fail there would be other sources that bring money.

Everyone starts small at first and grows steadily.

And over time as you work on your blog and build a bigger follower base you’ll start seeing the returns from your hard work.

For some it could take more time, for some less. But work on your own pace

To learn more about how to make money with a blog for beginners, visit blog monetization post. I’ve outlined there the most popular ways how a blogger can make money from his blog.

Now, if you’re still pumped up after reading this article and eager to start your own blogging ventures, why don’t you start a blog.


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